Gülser - Dr. Mustafa Gündoğdu Central Laboratory

The Central Laboratories building started services in its own building in September 2008. The Center has Biochemistry, Bacteriology, Metabolism, Immunology and Haematology laboratories, along with Sample Admittance and Classification units. There are three separate units where Hormone, Routine Biochemistry, and Urine Analyses are done. These are done by 8 academics, 1 head technician, 69 technicians, 9 secretaries, and 1 storage attendant. Routine laboratory analyses of outpatients and hospitalized patients are done in this center. Moreover, analyses requested by other medical centers in the region are also done in this center. Samples taken from patients are sent to the 24-hour Central Labs through pneumatic systems and the results of these analyses are quickly transferred to the hospital automation system. The results are received by the polyclinic secretaries and presented to the responsible doctors. In addition, these results can be viewed by our

patients online at http://hastaneler.erciyes.edu.tr/. The units in the Central Labs are provided with modern laboratory devices. Calibrations and standards of these devices are always under control with regular checklists. Besides these, all the units of the Central Labs are registered with international quality control programs like the UK NEQAS and RİQAS. All these tests are done in accordance with the regulations of the above mentioned control programs. The total number of analyses that have been performed by this Center total about 9 million. Furthermore, The Tissue Typing Laboratory, operating within the Central Labs, was accredited by the EFI (The European Federation of immuno genetics) on December 3, 2012.


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