Semiha Kibar Organ Transplant and Dialysis Hospital

Organ Transplant and Dialysis Hospital Building was opened in October, 1998. This 5-story hospital specializes in nephrology. It has 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, 1 specialist doctor, and other staff instructors. On average 2 research assistants work on each floor. Inpatient services are provided to a 60 bed ward unit in the nephrology services Department on the 2nd floor of the hospital building. Furthermore, there is a Peritoneal Dialysis Unit and an Outpatients Treatment Unit on the 4th floor. About 180 peritoneal dialysis patients are seen daily by appointment .The Unit has the highest number of peritoneal dialysis patients in Turkey. On the ground floor in the Haemodialysis unit there are 24 haemodialysis machines serving 50 sessions daily. Along with these machines, there are portable haemodialysis machines used in the intensive care units.

The Polyclinics, which serve two departments, each with 45 patients daily are located in the basement. Kidney transplant patients, 250 in total (together with follow up treatment) are treated twice a week. Patients suspected to have hypertension are examined and treated with 15 24-hour monitoring devices in the newly opened hypertension polyclinic in the Organ Transplantation and Dialysis Hospital.

In the Organ Transplant and Dialysis Hospital, 4,400 patients are served in clinics while 14,000 are served in polyclinics, annually.


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