Erciyes University Medical Faculty Department of Emergency Medicine (Dr. Sait Molu Emergency Service) provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency Care Emergency interventions for patients with life-threatening or severe conditions are performed by an experienced team of emergency medicine professionals. Our Emergency Service can receive 47 patients at the same time.

Our Emergency Service consists of the following parts:
- Patient Reception and Orientation Unit (Triage Unit)
Emergency Department After the first evaluations of patients who applied to our department, the appropriate unit is directed and accepted.
- Resuscitation Area (2 patients)
It is the area where patients who are in very severe condition or whose heart-respiration has stopped have been taken and interferences have been made.
- Trauma Intervention Unit (15 patients)
Our unit of treatment and intervention for children and adulthood patients who are exposed to accidents or injuries.
- Internal Intervention Unit (15 patients)
Our unit of treatment and intervention of non-trauma critical (internal critical) patients.
- Examination Room (15 patients)
We are the unit where the treatment and intervention of our patients who have remotely applied are made.
- Single Room (2 rooms)
- Emergency Medical Imaging (X-ray, Computerized Tomography, Ultrasonography)

In addition to all kinds of emergency medical illnesses, our Emergency Service also serves in mass accidents, mass poisoning and disaster situations. Some examples of disease states we serve are: heart attacks, strokes, infections, diabetes, brain hemorrhage, diabetes mellitus, digestive system problems, trauma, accidents, respiratory problems, birth, gynecological diseases, electric shock, insect stings, drowning, dislocations, puncture-cutting tool injuries, firearm injuries, electric shock, various minor surgical procedures.
In addition to solving the problems of the patients who are hospitalized in the emergency service, they are also directed to the related units by taking into consideration the risks they are carrying.

To reach the episode

Phone : +90 352 207 66 - 22300 / 22301

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