Family Physician Gevher Nesibe Hospital provides first level services in health problems of Erciyes University Faculty members and their relatives and connects with other departments in diagnosis and treatment procedures of Faculty members and their relatives.

Documents related to evaluating the health conditions requested by students and faculty members before the study visits abroad are issued.
Family Medicine aims to provide comprehensive and continuous health services for the person. This service offering includes health promotion, preventive and curative services for all ages, regardless of gender.
Our university faculty members and their relatives receive periodic examination and diet related services. Apart from this, services such as taking an appointment for applications to be made to other departments, taking samples for the examinations requested from other departments, taking appointments for radiological examinations and taking the results of the examinations are offered.

Diagnosis, examination and treatment procedures performed in our department:
Bioimpedance measurement

To reach the episode
At the entrance of the Department of Gevher Nesibe Hospital policlinic is on the ground floor on the left hand side.

Phone: +90 352 207 66 66 - 23850

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