Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine was founded under the name of Hacettepe University Gevher Nesibe Faculty of Medicine as a part of Hacettepe University in * 1969. It was later moved to Kayseri to become Kayseri University Faculty of Medicine and was renamed as Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine in 1981. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department started operating in 2005 under the supervision of Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Didem Behice Öztop. Our department serves as an outpatient clinic with two Associate Professors and seven specialty trainees. We evaluate psychiatric problems of babies, children and adolescents between 0-18 of age and work collaboratively with families, teachers, schools and other institutions of relevance.

Main Areas of Interest of Our Department

• Intellectual Disability
• Pervasive Developmental Disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
• Attention Defıcit and Hyperactivity Disorder
• Oppositional Defıant Disorder
• Conduct Disorder
• Specifıc Learning Diffıculties (Reading, Expressive writing, Arithmetic)
• Anxiety Disorders (School refiısal and fears)
• Mood Disorders
• Tic Disorders
• Elimination Disorders (Enuresis and encopresis)
• Gender Identity Disorders and Disorders of Sexual Differentiation
• Communication Disorders (Stuttering, Speech sound and language disorders)
• Sleeping Disorders
• Eating Disorders
• Identity Problems
• Sibling&Peer Relations Problems
• Infancy and Early Childhood Mental Problems
• Features and Problems of Family Interaction with Adolescence
• Domestic Violence
• Mental Health Problems of Children in Public Care
• Problems of Adopted/Foster Care Children and their Families
• Child Abuse and Neglect (Physical, emotional, sexual)
• Problems and Disorders of Children and Youth with Physical Health Issues

General Clinical Services

Department delivers outpatient assessment, counseling and therapeutic services to children and their families or other relatives. It does not have an inpatient ward. Applications are made directly by parents or via medical consultations from other hospital departments. Children between age 0-18 can apply fîrst * hand to our department. Psychiatry trainees evaluate new and follow-up patients and regulate their treatments under the supervision of our professors. In addition to pharmacotherapy; individual therapy, play therapy, family therapy and cognitive-behavioral treatments are also facilitated in our clinic. Neupsychological tests, including intelligence and developmental screening tests, are applied by expert clinical psychologists when considered necessary for the psychometric assessment of children and adolescents.

Secretary to reach the episode (Gevher Nesibe Hospital E Corridor 1st Floor)
Phone : +90 352 207 66 66 - 20853
Mustafa Eraslan and Fevzi Mercan Children's Hospital
Phone : +90 352 207 66 66 - 25400

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