Clinics of Department of Psychiatry are located in Gevher Nesibe Building, Hospitals of Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, Kayseri/Turkey. The department has a 26-bed inpatient clinic and an outpatient clinic. The department was established in 1982 and has been an important mental health center in Turkey and particularly in Central Anatolia. Since its establishment, a total of 44 psychiatric specialists have been trained and graduated from the department as of February, 2018. In addition to residency training, education and training are given to students of Faculty of Medicine, Nursing School, and Psychology. Staff of the department is consisted of 4 professors of psychiatry, 1 associate professor of psychiatry, 13 residents, 2 psychologists, 7 nurses, 5 caregivers, and 2 medical secretaries.
Clinics of Department of Psychiatry provide mental health service to approximately 500 inpatients and 13,000 outpatients per year. This contemporary service includes a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation such as medical, neurological, psychometric, family, and vocational assessments. Patients receive intensive short- and long-term treatment with the goals of alleviating symptoms and returning them to the community as soon as possible. Treatment of the patients is based on individual treatment plans and includes individual, group, sexual psychotherapy together with psychotropic medication. Since 1991, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) under general anesthesia has been successfully applied when indicated. Consultation-liaison psychiatry service is also provided if requested. Moreover, forensic and disability evaluations are carried out on demand. Individuals are expected to make an appointment at the clinic to receive mental health services. All the services and procedures are carried out in accordance with human rights and Helsinki Declaration.

To reach the episode
Outpatient clinic of psychiatry is on first floor at corridor E in Gevher Nesibe Building
Inpatient clinic of psychiatry is on eighth floor in Gevher Nesibe Building

Polyclinic Secretary : +90 352 207 66 66 - 20852
Clinical Secretary : +90 352 207 66 66 - 20851

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