Sports medicine is a multidisciplinary clinical and academic speciality of medicine
dealing with health promotion for the general population by stimulating a physically
active lifestyle and diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation following
injuries or illnesses from participation to physical activities, exercises and sport at all

Sports Medicine Department has following units:
• Polyclinic rooms
• Body analysis unit
• Therapy and rehabilitation unit
• Exercise room
• Performance test room.

In our department, we make;
• Preparticipation examination in the sports, exercise and phsichal activity (licence examinations)
• Diagnosis, threatment and rehabilitation of exercise and sport injury
• Rehabilitation for patients who undergoing surgical intervention
• Exercise threatment and lifestyle modification about obesity
• Exercise threatment in order to some chronic disease like diabetes, hipertension, cardiovasculer disease, hiperlipidemia ect.
• Exercise programs for personal physical fitness
• Performance test of athletes
• Body fat analysis and anthropometric mesurements
• Intraarticular injections, dry needeling, proloterapy, PRP threatments etc.

Daily clinical examination capacity: 60
Daily outpatient threatment capacity: 20

For appointment:
Get an appointment from web site ( and secretary ( +90 352 207 66 66 - 23876 - 23476 ) am: 09:00-12-00, pm: 13:30-17:00

• Patients who are insured do not pay any fee.
• Special examination is done in sports medicine department

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