All diagnostic and therapeutic approaches within the scope of geriatrics Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine Internal The staff of the Department of Geriatrics, especially the faculty members and staff, Our policlinic services are on the ground floor in Gevher Nesibe hospital taking sample 2.

Medical topics that our department is interested in; More common in older people aged 65 years and older hypertension, diabetes, elevation in blood lipids, vascular occlusion, bone erosion, Cancer as well as many internal diseases, as well as more frequent forgetfulness in the elderly, depression (not enjoying hayattan), urinary incontinence and great abdomen abduction, sleep problems (insomnia, excessive sleep, frequent waking, dizziness), frequent falls, malnutrition, the use of a large number of drugs, such as many problems by a single unit. The elderly patient's different branches of mind and branches of science to go to the outpatient clinics, to wait an appointment on separate days, to have an examination Do not stay. The average time to leave a patient is 1 hour.

To reach the episode

Polyclinic Secretary: +90 352 207 66 66 - 20917 / 20918

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