The Hematology Department  has continued to serve in Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Hematology-Oncology Hospital  as a 36-bed Hematology clinic and an 8-bed Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit in 1998, and the first bone marrow transplant was performed in the same year. Thanks to the charitable contribution of the Dedeman family, it has been a center for all of Turkey since 2009 by building a new 27-bed capacity additional building. In 2012, the Hematology Department has successfully completed the European accreditation process and has received JACIE accreditation and is accepting patients from our country,Europe and the Gulf countries. In our bone marrow transplant unit, more than 1,500 bone marrow transplantations have been performed in total as of 2017.

At our Therapeutic Apheresis Center, which is established at the same time with the bone marrow transplant unit, more than 2000 operations are performed annually with 8 employees. In the processing unit operating in the  center, processing the collected stem cells,  frozing and storing processes are performed. Adult blood count, coagulation and flow cytometry laboratories work in the field of Hematology Department. Blood center and apheresis unit are also managed by lecturer of Hematology Department. Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all benign and malignant blood diseases and lymph system related diseases are performed in Hematology outpatient clinics. In the Hematology service, the same patient group is hospitalized and treated. Allogeneic and autologous stem cell transplantation is performed for treatment of benign and malignant blood diseases, lymphoma and some solid tumors which are considered appropriate in BMT unit.

Hematology Department has become one of the leading BMT centers in Turkey with its qualified professional academic and administrative staff. In 2016, as a result of the protocol made with the Bahrain Kingdom, 20 nurses and 7 doctors were educated in our center for 6 months and they returned to their countries in May 2017 as a qualified doctors and nurses in the field of Hematology and Bone Marrow. Currently our Center  provide services with 3 hematology policlinics, 1 transplant policlinic, 2 Hematology services and 4 transplant services. Daily treatment is given in our Daytime treatment center for the patients who did not hospitalize. The Hematology Department hosts a large number of international clinical trials with strong academic staff and sufficient physical conditions. 23 international clinical trials are in progress, of which 17 are completed. The Hematology Department conducts systematic and rational studies with the Ministry of Health and Civil Society Organizations. From its establishment  until 2017, 11 Hematology specialists have been trained in the Hematology Department. Currently, 3 professors and 1 associate professor lecturers are working in our center.

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