All diagnostic, treatment and follow-up approaches within the scope of medical oncology Erciyes University Medical Faculty M.Kemal Dedeman Onkoloji Hastanesi Medical Oncology is being practiced by specialist staff, especially faculty members and staff. It is located in the M. Kemal Dedeman Oncology Hospital behind Gevher Nesibe Hospital. Our Police are located on the right side of the entrance of the hospital and on the 1st floor of our service.

The diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of cancer patients are given. In the chemotherapy rooms opposite to the policlinic, while patients are being cured by distant patients, our patients are in need of hospitalization, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment. There are 32 telescopes 24 in the service, 10 in the Radiation Oncology department.

We treat the treatment that we refer to as the disease chemotherapy both in the outpatient clinic and in bed. We plan to treat patients with policlinic conditions without investing in the majority of our patients, in coordination with our recently launched port practice and Thoracic Surgery Department.

In the outpatient clinic, patients are informed about the disease and treatment, and they call for control at certain intervals. The registration of each patient is kept regularly in the secretariat.

Daily policlinic examination capacity: Approximately 20-22 (6 out of city, 15 new diagnosis)

Clinical bed capacity: 24

Diagnostic treatment procedures performed in our department:

Physical examination for cancer diagnosis, follow-up of required tests (radiological, biochemical, endoscopic, histopathologic, necessary genetic) markers, talk with patient about chemotherapy and approval, preparation of chemotherapy (cure), cure at certain intervals and follow up treatment effect.

To reach the episode

Polyclinic Secretary : +90 352 207 66 66 - 27075

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