Cardiac and Vascular Surgery Yilmaz and Mehmet Öztaşkın within the campus of our university are located in the heart hospital. This hospital serves as the 6th floor clinical service, the 7th floor as the operating theater and intensive care with modern technological devices and systems.

In our clinic, small and large vascular operations can be performed with all types of open and closed heart surgeries from newborn infants up to 80 years of age.

Non-surgical treatment methods and surgeries performed in our clinic:

For heart diseases (intensive care):
Right and left heart catheterization
Cardiac "output" / index
Peripheral and pulmonary vascular resistance measurement

For vascular diseases:
CW Doppler (for non-invasive diagnosis of peripheral vascular diseases)
Pressure measurement and "ankle-brachial index (ABI)"
Segmenter pressure measurements
Dynamic plethysmography (photoplethysmography)

II-Non-surgical treatments:

Intermittent pneumatic compression therapy (acute and chronic leg swelling)
Sclerotherapy (non-surgical treatment of leg varicose veins)
Intravenous catheterization / catheterization

III-Surgical treatments:

Adult cardiac surgery (Open / Closed heart surgery)
Heart valve operations
Coronary bypass surgery
Pulmonary embolism
Congenital heart diseases
Permanent heart pillar placement
Pediatric cardiac surgery (Open / closed heart surgeries)
Congenital heart / vascular diseases (cyanosis / no cyanosis)
Heart valves
Permanent heart pillar placement

Aorta surgeon
Aortic aneurysms / dissections

Peripheral vascular surgery

A- middle and branch surgical diseases (acute and chronic, occlusive / aneurysmatic)
Carotid artery surgery
Renal artery surgery (Hypertension surgery)
Surgical diseases of leg arteries (acute / chronic leg pain, leg injuries, finger / foot gangrene)
Embolectomy and / thrombectomy on
By grafting or not "bypass" surgery
Vascular implants surgery

B- Medical and surgical diseases of venous and lymphatic diseases
Telangiectasia and varicose veins (varices)
Chronic venous insufficiency (chronic leg pain and sores)
Leg swelling (with venules or lymphatics)

C- Congenital vascular diseases (arteriovenous malformations)
Vessel abnormalities with / without congenital spots on the chord and / or abdomen

D- Vascular access ("angioaccess"): arteriovenous fistula formation for patients who will enter hemodialysis in patients with chronic renal failure

Surgical treatment of traumatic heart and vascular injuries in adults and children (heart-lung machine-with / without CPB)

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